Solen service, honest feedback, the real cost of works.

On the official website I did not find honest reviews about this company. All of them only from satisfied customers and for 2013 year. And who will write about myself. It is for this write a review on a third party website.
Вторая причина: я не нашел в интернете хотя бы примера полной стоимости работ + spare parts to fix the washing machine.

We ordered from these guys fix the washing machine. 
  • The master came and fixed the same day (though late hour).
  • Price for the work went more expensive than in other services. For replacement  PETN-and took 4500 р (2000 - cost of works + 2500 the cost of the part).  Competitors cost of works on 500-1000 р  cheaper.

  • Conclusion: not bad service, but prices please call and check in advance.
    Receipt contract below: