Galaxy gradually came to himself. Have you seen the first states of the former slaves of the Infinite Empire. Spread its influence criminal oligarchy Hutt race wormlike invertebrates. Growing influence Tionskoy hegemony under a totalitarian state is now forgotten Xima Despot. And on the planets of the galactic nucleus has matured strength , which soon be born in the Republic , a huge confederation, the center of which is the planet Coruscant. I will start from a distance... Coruscant long been inhabited by two intelligent species of intelligent beings — people and Taung. Normally , natural selection decides which of the two evolutionary branches live, and what — прекратиться. On Coruscant, it did not happen. Planet , of course, was too small for two intelligent races, and millennial war between humans and Taung was a logical continuation of the relationship zlobnososedskih. Legend has it (believe — Do not believe...), that during one of the biggest battles of the war eruption was almost done away with the Army people, but , apparently, and Taung suffered not less, because of the opportunity to end the war , they did not use. Volcanic ash covered the sky for many years, and Taung took poetic self «da uerda Verde» — «shadow Warrior» — not surprisingly , the militancy in their blood. And after a while, people recovered from the disaster and defeated the latter-day «shadow warriors» to the nines. It is not known what would become of the Taung (and finally — and with the whole galaxy), if at the same time, the technology was not developed kosmoplavaniya Leap. In general , the remains Thaung fled from his native planet to find a new home at the nearby world Rune. But that's where their role is not over. By Shadow Warrior We will return. Rather, they come back... And humanity Coruscant after the final victory really blossomed. Despite the onset of the ice age caused by bursts of ash into the atmosphere , the people for a hundred thousand years turned the whole surface of the planet into one huge city, the lower tiers of which have not seen sunlight. Slavery in shackles Rakata Infinite Empire was like a bad dream, and it is time to join the galaxy. Coming a planetary civilization mastered deep space and engage in the inevitable conflicts with each other. Residents wanted the galaxy , if not the world, the stability. Therefore, the appearance of the Republic , the giant planets of the Confederation , was a logical. Nations to join the alliance , one by one , only a few were against union. War with aggressive opponents of the union called Wars of Unification. Ran out of these conflicts is very significant — Republicans are set on the main separatist Tionskuyu hegemony , trade Hutt Cartel. And if you only knew how to Hatten wakes courage when at stake are big money. Now, fighting the Hutts tiontsami for big money. Soon the board Xima Despot over, and finally got down to the Hutts split-up , without disturbing the Republic to define themselves. Competition for the title of capital of almost no. Planet metropolis, Coruscant was the unofficial center of the galaxy.