Installation of commercial programs for free on iOS 6,7 NO JAILBREAK!

Step by step illustrated instructions

In the browser iPhone/iPad go to the address In the center at the top click on the big blue button.
On inquiry , answer Install.
Begin downloading an alternative Chinese app store. After downloading , run it.
On the second tab, you can use the search. For example, let Angry Birds and press the blue button next to its icon.
Begin downloading games. It can take minutes 5. Seriously!
Game downloaded , but it is locked and when you start you will stumble on a proposal to introduce AppleID and password. 
Do not enter. click Cancel.

To unlock the download to PC program "PP"  Green button indicated by the arrow.
Install and run it.
Connect your iPhone / iPad to a computer.
Go to the left (icon hand holding an apple) said the left arrow in the picture below. 
In this section , click on the blue button (right arrow). During the process, the button is grayed.
After a moment's expectations downloaded paid app will be unlocked. 
Can go back and start the newly installed Angry Birds)

PS: if downloaded from program suddenly stopped working repeat unlocking.