Exercise program


Bench press bar
Dumbbell Bench Press
Bench bar on sloping


Craving a narrow grip
Simulator behind
Simulator on the floor
Mahi dumbbells in hand


The simulator bend at the knees
Simulator on their feet while lying
Biceps with dumbbells
Triceps with dumbbells over your head

Complex №1. Three times a week every other day.
1. Lifting the bar on his chest and bench stand
2. «Broach» narrow grip chin to
3. Lifting the bar on the biceps in the strict style
4. Squats on his shoulders
5. Bench Press
6. Thrust rod to the belt in the slope
7. The rise of direct legs in Vis

The dosage is standard for all exercises. The first approach — warm-up, 12 repetitions with light weight (usually with a blank stamp), then 2-3 approach 10 repetition, such that «feel» working muscle. In Exercise 7 must perform three sets of 12-15 repetition.
The first set of — probably the only period of training , when it was not recommended «break» last effort , as the weight of burdens grow by themselves, as is usually the case at the beginning of classes. The task of the first complex — learn to incorporate into the work «target muscles». Although the growth of «operating weights» also should not forget... Continued in next issue.