The way to hack games on Android

1. GameCIH - Artmoney for Android

Download GameCIH from the official site
Instruction with 4pda:
  1. Open GameCIH, you specify the shortcut button, hide (house)
  2. Start the game
  3. Click the selected button
  4. In the window, select the Input Number, input number such as money, which you have now in the game
  5. There are many lines, close the window
  6. Spend money in the game or Vice versa obtained, so that the number of money (or something else) changed
  7. Again go to the prog (item 3), now again press the Input Number, enter the number which has changed (for example, it was money 3000, bought something that was money say 2600, then enter 2600)
  8. If you are lucky, the program will find 1-2 values select the value(я) and change such as 99999 (to billions better not "go", VM program flew with error), affirm, go into the game
  9. If during this time you are lucky, then the number will change to the one you ordered, if not, no need to get upset, in the description is that the Lite version, so does not support all games (it remains only to wait until you release a new version)

2. Editing save files

Almost all apps and games on Android save your settings using the standard class SharedPreferences. They are physically stored in xml files in the directory: /data/data/com.<the name of the application>/shared_prefs/ To open these files in the normal editor will not work, you need root access. This will help us program Root Browser.
And so, the example of hacking games Defender 2 Download:

- Open Root Browser
- Editable file: /data/data/com.droidhen.defender2/shared_prefs/save3.xml
- And changing the settings saved games as we please. Just do not change the setting gold as its change will occur in the game by hash. In this case, for hacking money is great GameCIH. <!--?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?--> <map> <int name="magicStone" value="13"> <int name="checkDeviceID" value="1"> <int name="equipMagic1" value="0"> <string name="deviceID">aaadc92b234f3011-1275372892</string> <int name="bowGet20" value="1"> <int name="help13" value="1"> <int name="stage" value="699"> <int name="help12" value="1"> <int name="help11" value="1"> <string name="checkValuegold">d11e84d8e0edaf424e88b817ab60d767</string> <int name="skillLevel10" value="1"> <int name="level" value="5"> <int name="bowLock5" value="1"> <int name="skillLevel14" value="3"> <int name="skillLevel15" value="2"> <int name="skillLevel18" value="1"> <int name="gold" value="1935"> <string name="checkValuemagicStone">099147e971f0cc72e4e400f3dcbaea1f</string> <int name="costStone" value="0"> <int name="killMonster" value="50539"> <int name="skillLevel7" value="200"> <int name="skillLevel8" value="250"> <int name="skillLevel9" value="1"> <int name="fireCast" value="2002"> <string name="playerName">um items</string> <int name="costCoin" value="8900"> <int name="equipBow" value="20"> <int name="help7" value="1"> <int name="help1" value="1"> <int name="bowLock2" value="1"> <int name="bowGet19" value="1"> <int name="exp" value="374"> <int name="lightCast" value="0"> <int name="iceCast" value="2601"> </map> UPD: Unfortunately for the Defender, this method no longer works and it is given only as an example.

3. Edit .db files

Sometimes the game saves your settings in .db files. The path can be either on a flash drive, and system directories /data/data/com.<the name of the application>/
In this case, we will help program:
aShell - access to sistemam directory.
aSQLiteManager - edit SQLite databases *.db files.

4. Substitution of data in network packets

It happens that the game will receive the amount of money from the server. Consider the example of the game Deer Hunter 2014.
The point is that in this game when viewing the promotional video you can get a small amount of gold as a gift. This number comes from the server. It is what we will substitute.

  1. Download Charles
  2. Download this setup file replacement DeerHunter2014.xml
  3. Go into the settings of your Wifi on the phone and change the HTTP Proxy manually
  4. Where the Server Write to the Internal ip of the Computer where the write port 8888 (charles must be open),(to find out the ip address, go to cmd.exe write ipconfig and find ipv4)(on the PC POPs up a picture with a resolution of(allow) to or rejection of(deny),allow))
  5. In Charles click Tools and click on Rewrite, import the file DeerHunter2014. This will force Charles to replace the line "reward_amount":1 на "reward_amount":999999 in packages prihodki from the server.
  6. Go In the Game Click on the plus sign, gold for free and watch the video)) The game thinks that we "earned" 999999 gold instead 1)

Advantages: работает даже без рута.
Минус: работает только с очень ограниченным числом игр где есть подобные баги. Usually games protect themselves Hesham.