American travel company

I found this company on the internet on request "Tours in the U.S.", But strangely enough , I have not found any reviews in the internet about the company from which the "Experience in the tourism market — 13 years". Below are a few observations that will be useful to know how to tourists and tour operator.

1. The site flaunts title "Tour operator in the United States and Canada", но после оплаты оказалось, что они просто перепродают туры американской компании, whose value at the 200$ cheaper) The site is no information about Newtours. I think the customers the right to know about it.

2. After purchasing the tour, I asked a specific date of receipt of documents. But at the appointed day, it turned out that nothing is ready. Through 3 of the day it turned out that my manager is sick. I called another date was the day , again nothing has been heard. Again, I call it self again, promise the next day and again NOTHING COMES! When the letter was sent , it appears that nakosyachili with the name of the hotel when booking. As a result, the documents came to the last day before departure. Although promised to be ready for 2 week. I understand that a lot of orders and phone calls , I did not hurry and always "elaborate on exactly that day will be?" and I was promised that exactly 100%.

3. As for the company in the U.S. NewTours. Overall, everything was good. All hotels are quite decent, 2-3 stars, but are in the suburbs or far outside the city center. This is fair warning to the travel agency. During travel guides constantly tell the story of visited sites , so do not have to miss. After the tour, be asked to give them a tip 16$ two days of work and go on the bus with an envelope. That 's pretty funny) I think it would be better to everyone tourist himself at the exit of the bus put the desired amount.